Automotive Tech

DX Digital AfricaAutomotive intelligence.

Building capabilities for vehicles of the future.

A suite of automotive intelligent products - all on one platform.


Repair quotation sourcing platform.

  • Uninsured Users
  • Insured Users


A machine learning tool to digitally assess vehicle damages.

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Providers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Vehicle Auctioneers


Vehicle lifecycle management.

Manage fleets of all sizes with ease.

  • Dealership Inventory (Used and New Vehicles)
  • Small Fleet
  • Corporate Fleet
  • Logistics Fleet


Completely removing bias from pricing.

It should not matter whether you are insured or uninsured, a resident in a city or small town. Consistent pricing is affordable.

  • Claims Optimization
  • Cost Control
  • Expense Forecasting


Augmented reality car scans.

  • Used Vehicle Sales
  • Fleet Inspections
  • Insurance Claim Records

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Building autonomous maintenance.

Capabilities for self driving cars.

Fully Managed Deployment

When launching products, business managers have to consider a wide range of activities, all this is simplified with DX Digital Africa as innovation is at the root of our platforms' DNA.

Digital Revolution

Transforming businesses is never easy, that's why we have built your toolsets entirely from the ground up. Our core platform is a full management system built completely as our IP, unique and disruptive.

fully cloud enabled

Technology Stack

Fully cloud enabled with a capable team of data scientists, engineers, devops, full stack and UX. We have designed our platforms to be limitless and universal, all micro-services can be scaled, changed, de-coupled and connected.

  • Automotive Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Everything-as-a-Service(XaaS)


Excellent service, DentX will be highly recommended.



Looks amazing! Glad the dents are gone. Wow that's an amazing job. Thank you! You're the plug.



Great work DentX! I'm really happy with the work. The fix is flawless and absolutely the best price I got for it.



Dentx is very reliable and easy to deal with. The website is very easy and simple to navigate, and a lot easier than dealing with panel beaters. The person that I spoke with over the phone was very helpful. The whole process was very easy and painless and the results are great. I would recommend DentX to anyone.


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Because every use-case is different, DentX and MotoX come with multiple pricing plans that fit your model needs.

(Save 30% off the annual plan)

DentX ML API Standard

Submit a single damage photo for assessment results.

  • Detect vehicles
  • Detect damages
  • Detect severity
  • Detect location
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DentX ML API Models Plus

R32, 000 per month, unlimited API calls.

Fair usage policies apply.

Detect Make and Model

Detect Vehicle Orientation

Detect Equipments

Predict Repair Pricing

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